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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Making the worst of a bad situation

Leave it to the airport theater security guards.

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I just went through a pat down about An hour ago. It added about 10 minutes and requires 2 tsa agents. One to watch you and your luggage. The other to pat you down. After the pat down they swab their gloves anf put it in some chemical detection thing.

As a (sadistic?) joke, the tsa agent told me beforehand, oh we are now doing cavity searches too, thats why i have the gloves on.

Hilarious. And here's a *reassuring* report on their intention to expand beyond airports to other modes of travel:


What's a little child abuse, if it helps keep America safe. You liberals and your fear of being molested. It's ridiculous. How are we going to defeat terrorism, if random strangers can't touch your junk?

I have yet to hear how Moslem women are being processed and how long before we see Islam Only Airlines appear?

So what's the prize if you win the game?

Is there a code for who says "Moslem" and who says "Muslim"? Is it like nucular/nuclear?

Oh heavenly Lord, a Bog reader has finally come up with the solution!!!!

Islam Only Airlines!!!

The mother of invention is necessity, and the father of convention is piety! Let the covered people in their tarps and veils congregate on their own planes.

I'll pay a special tax! Lots of us would!

Oh, I already thought of a problem. Shias will target Sunnis, who will target Ahmediyyahs and Sufis. Right.

Never mind.

Moslem means evil in arabic wHile muslim means follower of god.

As a corrections officer at Rocky Butte jail (now gone) I did pat downs and thorough searches of inmates. They are rarely 100% perfect even in the jail setting. And they are clearly a violation of the letter and spirit of American law.

As for searching children, under 12 or over 12 it is a big problem. A girl or boy of 12, 13 or whatever are is likley to be very sensitive about anything relating to their sexuality. How do parents explain that if they fly, the parents have no way to protect their children from an unreasonable search. I would be very surprised if a law enforcement officer did a TSA style pat down search of a younger child unless the circumstances were extraordinary.

Having gone through the enhanced pat down myself recently I found it more than invasive.
For a child it would be terrifying.

And these are the same people that are going to provide health care.

Actually, I don't think the TSA provides health care. But I could be wrong. Those pat downs are a lot like getting checked for hyrnia. #turnyourheadandcough

Puts either the truth or lie to "classless society", depending on how you look at it, doesn't it?

Is there a code for who says "Moslem" and who says "Muslim"? Is it like nucular/nuclear?

Yes, there is.

No, it's not.

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