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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Make up your own joke

A reader calls our attention an interesting auction item here in the freaky theme park we call Portland. You and a friend can take an "instructive tour" of our creepy mayor's "home chicken setup," and then he'll help you build a chicken coop of your own.

I got one word: Ewww.

Comments (10)

I have another: Chicken Hawk

Salvage Works also offers a lifetime supply of chicken bedding.

Aha! Now we know what piqued his interest.

dman's gearing up for next week's "post of the day" -- heh heh.

Just be glad he doesn't raise pigs.

So " the other white meat" that lead me to the clue that Sam would wear a hanky (or Kewpie doll)in his right back pocket. I'm not sure the color.
I suppose driving his truck would be a white one. Now at city hall it a tough one. Was it a Gray flannel bandanna on the left? Yellow? Or Hunter Green? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanky_code

I hope they're just egg-layers.

If the Mayor chokes the chicken with kids around, he could go to jail.

You have to pay to see the hens, but he will show you his cock for free.

Rich, that is the funniest comment I've EVER seen on this blog!

You all misunderstand. the Mayor's *house* is a "chicken coop". Except in winter, then they lay in the City Hall men's room.

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