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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last of the mutts

Here are the last two games on our slate for the week in our charity pro football underdog prediction game: 5.5 for the Cards against the Broncos, and 2.5 for the Vikes against the Giants.

The full board, then, reads as follows -- note that there are quite a few home 'dogs:

9.5 ST. LOUIS at New Orleans
8.5 CINCINNATI at Pittsburgh
7 CAROLINA vs. Atlanta
7 KANSAS CITY at San Diego
6.5 DETROIT vs. Green Bay
5.5 MIAMI at New York Jets
5.5 ARIZONA vs. Denver
4.5 SEATTLE at San Francisco
4.5 OAKLAND at Jacksonville
3 TENNESSEE vs. Indianapolis (Thursday 5:20 PM PST)
3 CHICAGO vs. New England
3 DALLAS vs. Philadelphia
3 HOUSTON vs. Baltimore
2.5 MINNESOTA vs. New York Giants
1 WASHINGTON vs. Tampa Bay
1 CLEVELAND at Buffalo

Comments (4)

Hard to think that SD would lose two in a row, but the Chiefs of Kansas City are a legitimate team this year. Hmmmm ...

Isn't it about time for Carolina to win a game?

Good point. ATL has been pulling wins out of their "dairy-airs". Could be a week where they underestimate the need to prepare ... especially when you see previews like this one: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/preview?gid=20101212029.

KC's QB had an appendectomy this week. Cuts into their chances.

It looks like Croyle to the rescue for Chiefs

On Thursday, the team held its second consecutive practice without its top quarterback, a day after Cassel arrived at the team facility with a stomachache — a problem he and the team later learned would require an emergency appendectomy....Croyle, who hasn’t started a game since the 2009 season opener and hasn’t thrown a regular-season pass in a year....If Croyle indeed plays Sunday, he’ll be going against a team with the league’s best total defense, and one that has 34 sacks.

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