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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kissy wissy with Mayor Creepy

Trib reporter Jim Redden plays along with the ongoing farce at Portland City Hall. Borderlines christens the mayor a courageous hero.

Come on, Jim, leave that for the kids the O sends over.

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"I’m not afraid to be controversial . . ."

Is he referring to:

1. Lying and smearing another candidate to get elected

2. Having an inappropriate sexual relationship with an underage person

3. Getting caught driving while intoxicated / incoherent with his pants unzipper

4. Spending $600 million of city money on bike lanes

5. Voting against the JTTF (and now delaying its return)

I really, really wish reporters would ask me for my opinion before publishing pieces like this.

Scary thought for the day - Half the article is about Sammy getting re-elected.

I still believe Portland has yet to hit rock bottom.

I'd like to know how an urban renewal district can be "new" if it has "been in the works for years".

"Adams also concedes that he botched the launch of the fee to pay for leaf collections in tree-lined parts of town, resulting in confusion and objections from homeowners and businesses used to having the city sweep up leaves for free."

Really?? The city used to sweep up leaves for FREE? Wow.

from Redden's article: "Asked to name his biggest disappointment, he points to his inability so far to secure a staging area for city-owned heavy equipment on the west side of the Willamette River to respond to natural and manmade disasters."

Seriously? That's his biggest disappointment?

Redden is useless and I quit sending him stuff a while back.

With his boss Steve Clark sitting on the TriMet board he's a real team player.

Dented fenders aside, Adams revels in sloppy job
Portland mayor takes the cake with a tangle of parochial delusions

I like the phrase that he knows he, "rubs some people the wrong way". Really????
I might just sick up!

I like the phrase that he knows he, "rubs some people the wrong way". Really????
I might just sick up!

Oh Really????
I might just line up!

I just have to wonder who got Redden to drink the kool-aid and why.

Sounds like Jim's been following conspiracy theories for so long that he's finally come around full circle. Either that, or Sam promised him the Kennedy assassination footage taken from the grassy knoll.

He is right about one thing, though: his record on job creation is pretty clear: get played by companies threatening to move to Vancouver, until you can throw as many millions in property tax money at the companies in question.

Here is a list of headlines about just one of the beneficiaries of his corporate welfare largesse, taken from the Financial Times and Bloomberg over just the past three weeks:

1. Vestas’ Q3 profit falls 23.6% - lays off 3000

Vestas says 3000 jobs could be axed as the wind power market fails to recover.

2. Vestas unveils new accounting policy for projects, raises 2010 forecast

3. Vestas Falls as Turbine-Maker Sees Sales Stalling
By Christian Wienberg - Nov 22, 2010 9:51 AM PT

“It looks a bit weaker than I had expected for 2011,” Jacob Pedersen, an analyst at Sydbank A/S, said by telephone. “One could have expected higher profitability next year given the drastic cost-cut measures that Vestas is carrying out.”

Vestas said in October it will fire 3,000 workers and close factories in Denmark and Sweden as demand falls. The credit crisis has prompted banks to restrict loans to developers that buy turbines from Vestas and rivals such as Germany’s Siemens AG and General Electric Co. 

While companies like Vestas and Gamesa claim that their turbines can compete with cheaper Chinese ones because they are more efficient, it is not an argument that holds much sway with their customers. The HSBC researchers state:

[Of] the wind developers that we spoke to… almost all are using Chinese machines and all claim that “for now” the supposed inefficiency or reliability of domestic machines has not made the levelised cost of electricity uncompetitive of domestic machines versus the international manufacturers’ claims.

4. Vestas: The European picture for wind energy is bleak
December 3, 2010 9:00am by Kiran Stacey

I would like to know how much Redden's biopic kool-aid cost the Mayor?

Nobody writes a puff piece without remuneration, do they?

Adams will be doubling the size of his staff during his second term, and we all know that cooperative members of the local press corps are welcomed thereunto with open arms, and possibly zippers.

Remember now, Mayor Sam "Tweety" Adams will be listed in the historical record as a "creator of jobs." How many does he claim in this particular article, was it 830? He created 830, while eliminating 13000, I suppose it means.

After two years, we have a good idea of what this guy's MO is: less jobs in Portland itself, graft, corruption and waste at all levels of local government, and the occasional laughable or disgusting scandal story, swept under the rug by cronies.

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