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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's the linchpin

The self-parody known as Portland city government wouldn't be quite as good without this.

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He is a Twit therefore he twitters.

He actually uses people in the bureaus he manages (Office of Management and Finance and Transportation) to tweet for him, as well as facebook and other social media. To me this is political work that is being done by approximately 27 public servants. Against the law and city code to do political work....but we all know what happens to you when you say no to Sam.

Here would be something that would be more worthy of the news:

A weekly, one hour program, that is SIMULCAST on the internet, radio, and television, live, once a week. Then make the program replayable.

Surely, one of Portland's over-the-air TV stations would be happy to host it, even if it's sometime on a Saturday or Sunday night, or Sunday morning. Likewise there are plenty of radio stations...what about one of the several public/not-for-profit, non-commercial radio stations in the Portland area?

Not everyone has a computer, and not everyone who has a computer uses Twitter. (Personally, I think it's worthless.) Most everyone has access to a radio or TV, even if it's at a community center, library, mess hall, etc. Employing a broad range of media networks is what encourages participation. Restricting it to just one mode and calling yourself tech-savvy is unnecessarily divisive.

That is certainly one of the most ghastly photos of Sam "Mayor Creepy" Adams I have ever seen. In fact, it is downright creepy.

The one thing I thought this idiot capable of was spinning his own image, but apparently not.

If the twit didn't Tweet, then how else would we get this piece of breaking news from the esteemed mayor:

Less than 24 hours left to win an afternoon with me, building your new chicken coop & talking urban farming. Bid! http://bit.ly/gNfKee

The advantage of communicating by Twitter is that it makes you incapable of saying anything of depth or substance.


Fits his mode of operation!

Isn't a high quantity of tweets the same as depth, substance and profoundness?

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