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Friday, December 17, 2010

It ain't me, babe

Hard to know what to make of this:

The other day we got in the snail mail an invitation to join something called the 4M Club -- "private matchmaking for single millionaires." Only "five figures for a 'database' plan (existing bachelorettes) and six figures for our Triumph and Versailles plans." The club's president, Christine Stelmack, based in Seattle, wants to hear from me now, "if you're in the market for love!"

The Mrs. thought it was funny. Then we went over our Costco list.

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CostCo? I've never understood why anybody would pay to go there. I've visited, but can often find the same stuff for less at places that don't charge you for the "privilege" of shopping.

We are currently visiting in the Florida Keys.
There is a "Gentleman's Club" here called...."Woody's", that promises among other things 241 drinks and 241 table dances as well a total nudity.
Maybe this no longer not so young woman can get a job at the afore mentioned establishment.

36 and willing to relocate if things get serious eh? If I was a "qualified" millionaire under 50 I wouldn't be shopping for a 36 year old bride putting her career first.

Re Costco, all depends on what youre shopping for and if you need it in bulk. If you find a deal on electronics there you often get an extra year on the warranty. It doesn't take me long usually to tally up the savings on things I buy there to equal the yearly membership.

Costco is not green? WalMart allows you to combine a Zoo trip with grocery shopping.

I have a read a couple of articles by intrepid female newspaper reporters who have checked this type of matchmaking service out. Mostly the granddad (grandma?) of them all sugardaddy.com.

Basically they are matchmaking services for rich guys seeking one of two types of women. Those willing to trade a few weekends away at a fancy resort in exchange for some boom boom. Or those willing to take a regular monthly "salary" for being available for same 24/6. That's what the "willing to relocate" part means. Make it worth her time and she'll move. To Portland I mean.

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