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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is the end near for Nate?

The Blazers are crumbling, and there are precious few player personnel moves that the team can realistically make at this point. As the natives get restless, it could be time for a new coach. It's quite unlikely that Nate McMillan will be back at the helm next year; the harder question is whether he will make it through this year.

Reminded of the observations we made over the weekend about Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra, perhaps we should ask readers for a prediction:

Which NBA coach will lose his job first?
Erik Spoelstra
Nate McMillan
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Comments (4)

Definitely Spoelstra, but mostly because Pat Riley is sitting upstairs and ready to come down and impose some order on that team.

Where is the "who cares?" option? It's early Decemeber and the NBA is completely irrelevant. Check back in 4 months.

Even assuming one were to care, John Wooden himself couldn't take the current team as assembled past the first round.

Civil War front and center!

The Blazers have changed out quite a few personnel over the last several years. Maybe they should take a good long hard look at who hasn't yet been replaced yet and start there.

With Oden (and Przybilla, so far) out and Roy hobbled, this squad just isn't very good. A new coach would probably do worse with these guys, but a fresh look may get the team headed in a new direction, which is certainly needed.

It would be interesting to see if McMillan and Spoelstra were both let go during or after the season whether either one would land the other's job.

Or maybe Nate will finish out his contract this season and then go consummate his love with Kobe Bryant as new coach of the Lakers.

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