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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IRS on parade

When a strip club or other food or entertainment venue pays a cab driver to send business its way, it's taxable income to the driver. Now the IRS says it's going to take a closer look at the joints who pay this kind of money to see whether they are sending the drivers the required tax reports.

Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, here in Portlandia, the revenuers have a beef going with an area Gypsy king. The guy had $2.7 million in safe deposit boxes around town, and the IRS says he hasn't been cutting square corners on his income taxes. The IRS grabbed the cash, but a federal judge made the feds give it back. Not before they indicted the guy, however.

Comments (2)

Seizing assets before conviction is a tactic the feds like because they use it to try to force plea bargains. If you have no assets to hire a real lawyer, you are more likely to cave to whatever deal the federal prosecutor wants to shove down your throat. Just sayin'

What exactly is "sacred inheritance" money?

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