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Monday, December 20, 2010

In the back room with Jeff Cogen

Here's a shady-looking deal.

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And the pundits were saying that Cogan would be a good choice to run against Sam Adams for Mayor in 2012. That would mean business as usual except having a straight guy who isn’t a pedophile. I suppose that is some progress.

The consultant report is more likely stupid than corrupt. I wish somebody would run on the promise they don't know what to do so they will hire consultants as much as possible -- that's what city and county commissioners all do.

Oddly, they conjure the money for these forgotten reports from thin air. But when it comes to financing a legitimate public involvement campaign that will actually affect the outcome, they have no funds!

These consulting companies troll any elected official they can get to listen to them, promising the moon and the stars. Then they come in and say some obvious stuff that has probably already been looked at 20 times.

If you contract out, they'll say bring it in-house. If you do it in-house, they'll say contract out. They say bust unions. They say buy more technology. Unless you just bought some, in which case they say cut down. If you spun out your services, they'll say integrate them back. If you integrated them, they'll say spin them out.

These things all go in 5 to 20 year cycles, however long it takes to turn over a new elected gang who is eager to confuse churn with progress and say, "Look what I did!" Anything but stick to the knitting and take care of business. That would be boring and not as fun to brag about.

Can some one please explain this statement from their website:

No competitive advantage can be sustained by accident. It must be purposeful and top leaders must make it a clear priority.

It sounds like they used a mission statement generator.

"commissioners say, the county's chief operating officer, Jana McLellan, locked them out of the process"

This mid-level hack has this dubious honor:


Leaderless cronyism @ it's finest.

I forgot to add that the GOOD INSIDER DIRT is in the comments section. (thanks katuba)

Just discussed this yesterday with County friends - apparently the consulting firm is a bunch of mean-spirited hacks (think Diane Linn and John Ball all over again). Also was speculation that Jana McClellan won't last through the month of January - 2010 no less.

And, Dyspeptic is absolutely right - been there and done that. Over and over again. But, also in private industry, as well as in government work.

Dyspeptic......you are spot on. As a former multi- decade county employee (sorry) that is EXACTLY what happens. Sadly I now sit on the sidelines and watch it happen over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Sometimes using the same consultants.
I should write a book.... it would be a comedy. Or......maybe I should become a consultant!!!!!!! What a pathetic situation....and it doesn't end, that's the sad part.

John B. gay has nothing to do with pedophilia even though the outrage with priests was over those that molested boys not the ones (and there were many) who molested girls. Besides we've had straight male mayors who were pedophiles (see Neil) and straight mayors who were wife beaters (see FI). And FI would have been your kind of guy most likely. Right now, I'd settle for someone with enough integrity not to see the city to the developers and lords.

How about we just pay the managers based on how LITTLE they spend rather than how much they spend. A policy of paying 5% of savings as bonus to public employees who make cuts could be a pretty strong incentive. I would be ok paying consultants on the same formula...after the savings are actually realized.

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