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Thursday, December 16, 2010

If I had a hammer

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Oh Boy!!! for a virtual hammer!!!!

Where in the world is Neil?

Putzes all!

We can't win!

When every problem looks like a nail, don't use a hammer! Use tactical thermo-nuclear weapons!

To pull out an overused quote and use it in the manner in which it was intended, "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

I always knew he was crackers. Now we can spread some whacamole' on them!

Who are the two on the right, top row?
And bottom row 1st on left

You might consider animating this for a touch screen phone and pitching it as an app. You could use publicly available photos for any local civic "leaders" and customize the game for any city. Could be your ticket outta here.

I say press the 'test' button which has all the heads pop up at the same time and set loose a daisy cutter. Talk about good use of federal money ... finally.

Last verse:

Well I've got a hammer
And I've got a bell
And I've got a song to sing
All over this land
It's the hammer of justice
It's the bell of freedom
It's the song about love between my brothers and my sisters
All over this land

Top right are John Canzano and Storm Large. Bottom left is Little Lord Paulson.

The stealth dangerous one there isn’t the obvious, as in Samrand, but it is Nick Fish. He has this aura of credibility and responsibility yet is underneath the biggest flake. The guy has no common sense, is a terrible manager and votes for every boondoggle the slime twins come up with.

Where in the world is Neil?

He's in there three or four times.

forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is a Storm Large?

No representation of the City Auditor? Or is she under, beneath, covered by Mr Leonard.

Take out Canzano and put in the 'ol rapist Gov. Goldy...

There he is sticking out like a sore thumb on our cityscape.
He gets sore if challenged.
His unwise decisions lead to more and more debt
leaving our city in a sore state.
Many are sore and feel betrayed by him
more will be upset when they find out the price to pay for keeping a sore thumb.
A sore thumb can get worse,
this one appears to have been infected by corporate bugs.

tsetse fly,

The whole council appears to be asleep at the wheel.

Buck-a-Hit here next year with a *Whack-a-Pol* online game, you'll raise a million.

PDXLifer's onto something big, Jack. BIG, I say! And the Kitz stays in the picture.

There are so many others that could go in the holes -- Kitz's girlfriend, the Latest Kafoury, Saltzman and his mom, Edlen, Malsin, Rapaport, Liberty, Wievel, the guy running the U of O, Lars, Victoria, and of course, Goldschmidt.


Absolutely brilliant!!

If Lars were in that contraption, I'd be renting a jackhammer and setting up shop right over the Liars Lars hole.

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