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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wonder what they'll think of Portland

We'll find out soon enough.

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Insert "Uranus" joke here.

I just hope they brought change for the parking meters.

"Damn the Shing* beat us here."

*Evil aliens who take over Earth in Ursula LeGuins novel 'City of Illusions'.

Okay, where can I download a crap load of Slim Whitman?

It will probably look something like this:


Not to worry, our city has a protective envelope of smug, self-righteous bombast that will repel their ships or smother them if they manage to land.

Isn't it proper for our elected officials to meet foreign visitors? Maybe the aliens will take SamRand away.

Good point Rich. If they look like young boys I hope they don't grab and shake what Creepy would be pointing at them.

You know if they have any intelligence they won't say "Take Us to Your Leaders"

The mayor will be invited to the close encounter, but will likely be a no show and forget where he was.

We all know they're coming to Portland and Portland only. These aliens have been subscribing to the New York Times for the last few years and have heard how "progressive" this city is.

They wanted to check out the food cart scene...and line up at the Day Laborer Center on Grand Avenue for some tax-free work...and park their shopping carts (spaceships) at the new homeless shopping cart parking garage...and then they thought they'd apply for food stamps so they could go shopping at the farmer's market...and then they want to watch "Portlandia".

umpire:. . Maybe the aliens will take SamRand away.

I don't think intelligent beings will have anything to do with them.

. . . and if they do - head for the hills!

To Serve Man? Mayor Creepy makes you wonder if there is a third interpretation of that phrase.

With any luck, the visitors will be Daleks in baseball caps and torn overalls, screaming "You will squeal like a pig! Squeal! SQUEAL!"

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