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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For a haunted place

Here's a solicitation of artist proposals for an important, and sure-to-be-controversial, memorial at the Oregon State Hospital.

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Half a million bucks just for the ART at this memorial? Are they trying to honor the dead or create a tourist attraction?

Here's how they just did it up in Seattle:


Nice ceremony, nice marker, and no $500,000 art projects.

Half a million bucks would go a long way toward feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and clothing the needy. Not saying we shouldn't remember the dead but come on, where are our priorities?

The 1/2 mil isn't picked out of the sky. The State Oregon has a percent for art program which is tagged to it's building Projects. IIRC it is 1%, therefore the building budget is $50 mil or so.

I found it strange it's being spent in one place for one project by one winner, either a team or even an individual. Usually a project that size has many contributors selected, with one significant piece such as a large wall hanging or sculpture. Too bad they aren't taking the Edgefield approach.

And no, that money isn't available for anything else.

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