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Friday, December 10, 2010

Doing what they do best

The City of Portland's official Human Rights Commission -- notorious for blowing taxpayer money on mysterious food purchases via a city credit card -- is holding a "training" session next Thursday evening. What they're "training" people for isn't entirely clear, but one thing's for sure:

First things first, taxpayers.

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A half hour dinner isn't going to be anything to lose sleep over, from the taxpayer point of view.

A couple of things come to mind-

1. Why does the city need a "Human Rights Commission" and "Office of Human Relations"?

2. Maria Lisa Johnson is a huge racist, she literally hates whites and asians.

3. Why do they need to feed people at taxpayer expense at EVERY meeting/training/kumbya session they have? Ever here of asking people to brown bag it?!

I've had the question about the huge losses Amtrak incurs each year on food service:

If, as is claimed by Amtrak supporters, food service is an obligation (and thus worthy of federal subsidy) shouldn't every citizen receive the same food service - in other words, why does anyone go hungry, if it's the government's obligation to feed you?

My employer doesn't feed me unless I'm on forced overtime (and only for certain circumstances). If the city feels the need to feed people, why doesn't it start with the homeless and disadvantaged population first, instead of people who earn a city paycheck and thus can afford food? If the city has to feed employees...maybe we should slash all city employees' pay by 20% to pay for their meals?

Obviously it's a Christmas/Kwanzaa Party! Disguised as a "training session".

I hope all those who haven't a party to go to will attend this. Free transit vouchers are available to get you there. Have fun.

Is "wankfest" a word?

Could someone please go dressed as Santa Claus? Preferably carrying a cross on his back?

Better yet, the Virgin Mary, riding one of those toys adored by children, a stuffed horsehead on the end of a pole.

Wait, is this offensive to Christians?
Am I violating someone's rights to feel unoffended?

Hey, I grew up a Catholic, was a schoolchild in Spain for a number of years, and we let a real donkey go down the aisle of the church every year to reenact the story. When I moved to the US I had a number of complaints, and one of them was that they didn't let donkeys into churches. Almost put me off religion for life.

I'm okay with the city spending a few bucks now and then to buy sandwiches for unpaid commission members. It would be a little odd for the city to buy dinner for its paid staff for this purpose.

The announcement says "this training is open to the public". Does that mean dinner is open to the public as well?

Maybe we would have a training dinner to discuss replacing the Sellwood Bridge without further delay? Or how about a luncheon on "Avoiding suicidal tweakers crossing against the light with Defensive Driving".

Close down the Office of Wasted Money and hire a few minority cops.

Each time you call attention to these mis-spent tax dollars, I wonder why we have an Auditor, also paid by tax dollars? Is her office so starved for funds or over-worked that we can never expect it to crack down on these sorry excuses for public servants?

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