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Sunday, December 12, 2010

'Dogs go off-leash for Week 14

Here are our players' picks for the week in the charity NFL underdog pool. There's quite a difference of opinion this time around about which 'dog can win its game outright:

9.5 ST. LOUIS at New Orleans - Bob, Flowers by Dorcas, PJB, Paul, genop's gal, Eric
8.5 CINCINNATI at Pittsburgh - AKevin, Larry Legend
7 CAROLINA vs. Atlanta - Anthony, Annie
7 KANSAS CITY at San Diego - Ricardo, Michael K., Gary, Sattelihu
6.5 DETROIT vs. Green Bay - Hank, Jim, Bad Brad
5.5 MIAMI at New York Jets - Broadway Joe
5.5 ARIZONA vs. Denver - Nick, pdxmick, Doug
4.5 SEATTLE at San Francisco - Biggest Cubs Loser
4.5 OAKLAND at Jacksonville - Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Matt, john dull, genop, Andy, Gordon
2.5 MINNESOTA vs. New York Giants - Conrad

The Vikes-G Men contest is under a rare snow postponement to tomorrow night. Other than that, everyone's picked a day game. Enjoy them all, folks.

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Alas, as of this morning it looks like Minnesota will be at an extra disadvantage, not reflected in the spread now, because the game won't be played inside the Metrodome. Giants with their ground game should plow through the troubled Vikes, one of the few teams more dysfunctional and underperforming than NYG. Though it might be fun to see what Adrian Peterson might do with 35 carries in this game (if the Vikes get to run that many plays, even).

Metrodome roof collapses after snow storm

Game could be outdoors at U of Minn, or in Kansas City (where the Vikings had their flight diverted), or not at all. I'd give Conrad a second choice.

(Or just let him get the points whenever the game happens to be played should the Vikings win.)

29 minutes ago - The Giants-Vikings game has officially been moved to Ford Field in Detroit. The Giants are currently boarding a bus en route to the Kansas City airport where they will then fly to Detroit for Monday night's game


Since no one has invested in a Chicago upset of NE, everyone is able and encouraged to enjoy an entertaining contest in a Midwestern snowstorm. (Do the Bears have a snowplow at the ready to clear a path for a home team field goal?)

Knew I could count on the Jets!

I knew I could count on the Broncos to fold but WOW that was beyond belief.... I wish I could get the points for killing the spread... just sayin........... 43 to 13.

I have a friend who used to live in Minneapolis... I now understand the local nickname the Dumpty Dome.

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