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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Carrying on in the Bush tradition

Unfortunately we're talking about Obama.

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OK, you guys want some red meat?

Former Virginia Senator George Allen was on drive time radio this morning congratulating President Obama for agreeing to extend the tax cuts that he (Allen) had worked so hard to pass into law. Allen predicts a new dawning for America. Munch, much.

Ah, good ole Senator Macaca. Word around the Commonwealth is that he's gonna throw his hat in the ring against Senator Warner. Good luck with that, Mister Council of Conservative Citizens.

Allen isn't waiting for 2014, he'll go up against Webb in a rematch in 2012 -- if he can win the primary.

Allen will run against Webb in 2012, and like the Christmas turkey that has been in the oven for four hours, you can stick a fork in Mr. Webb, he's done.

I'm still not quite sure I understand. Is Obama too conservative? Or too liberal?

Bush ran on cutting taxes and using the Clinton surplus to fund it. He lost the vote but was appointed to the WH by the Republican SC. The first thing he did was stay true to his word and pass the tax cut and the federal debt has been a problem ever since. Big talk about settling the debt issue from many people but no one wants to be the one to pay for it.


Unfortunately he appears to be neither, and has no true core value to which he willing to commit all the resources of the Presidency, including the veto. If he loses in 2012, and I think he will to any Republican except Palin, that will be the major reason.

Here is an excerpt from an article in the NYT on the beginnings of the Civil War.

On Dec. 11, 1860, with South Carolina’s secession looming, President-elect Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter to Illinois Rep. William Kellogg, a fellow Republican. Publicly, Lincoln was keeping silent on the emerging crisis. But his letter was designed to achieve one objective: to sabotage a sectional compromise to save the Union. This is Lincoln writing to a politician with respect to various compromises that were being proposed to allow slavery to expand into new territories.

Marked “Private & confidential,” the letter instructed Kellogg to “entertain no proposition for a compromise in regard to the extension of slavery. The instant you do, they have us under again; all our labor is lost, and sooner or later must be done over. … Have none of it. The tug has to come & better now than later.”

Now I do not cite this to compare tax cuts to slavery, such a comparison would be odious in the extreme. The point is that Lincoln recognized that compromise with a group whose position will not change is only a deferral to the next compromise. Ultimately a political battle must be fought, and Obama has now indicated he will not fight that battle, whether it is for Conservatives views or Liberal ones.

Obama, just another groomed candidate.

Ever since November 22, 1963 we have pretty much been in the grasp of a shadow government.

Now that things are really falling apart, all the king's horses and all the king's men wont be able to to put Uncle Sam together again.

Trouble is, we are all going down with the (something that rhymes with ship)

Right you are Sid, Webb's goose was cooked last Christmas Eve when he sided with the 60 on the cloture vote.

Generally I agree with you, Sid, and I'm disappointed in Obama with regards to the tax cuts (although I'm quite happy with him on a number of other issues). But I find it very strange, indeed, that there are widespread attacks on Obama right now that are completely in conflict with one another.

As I've said on another thread, I think Obama is going to coast to reelection. Although some principled partisans such as Jack will reverse their votes, when faced with an actual Republican (even a moderate one), most will come home. And the electorate in 2012 will look much more like the electorate in 2008 than the one in 2010.

Even this guy agrees that the Prez has sold out.

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