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Friday, December 10, 2010

Buck-a-Hit Day matching funds swell to $3,575

We're definitely going to have some fun around here next Thursday, on our annual Buck-a-Hit Day. Not only are the Bogdanskis giving away a dollar each for the first 1,200 visitors to this site that day, but now our wonderful benefactors have agreed to match up to $3,575 in donations that our readers chip in when they get here. If we meet the match challenges, we'll raise $8,350 for worthy causes. Maybe we'll go even further than that -- wouldn't it be something?

We'll also run our annual comment contest, with the author of the best comment (judged by a reader poll) getting the right to designate his or her favorite charity to receive $250 of the day's charitable haul. Please do check back in with us on Thursday -- we'll give a buck to a worthy cause just because you showed up.

Comments (3)

Thanks for ALL you do Jack. This is yet another example of community service in action. You tell us about the rogues and charlatans in the community and then you help raise money for those TRULY in need. Two thumbs up to you.

If I give it to you/your site to give to charity, it's not tax deductible, is it? Whereas if I gave the amount I would give to this site to a charity, I could take the deduction. Asking since I itemize.

I make all contributions to the charities as the agent of the folks who donate via this site. The charities are given the names, addresses, and amounts donated by each contributor, and requested to send receipts directly to the contributors. If concerned, however, you should consult your own professional tax advisor.

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