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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buck-a-Hit Day is a week from today

We're just one week away from Buck-a-Hit Day, our annual charitable gift-giving day on this blog. For every visitor that comes to this site next Thursday, December 16, we'll give $1 to charity, up to 1,200 unique visitors. We'll also have our annual comments contest, in which a reader who leaves the best comment gets to designate where some of our donation goes.

And we'll be asking readers to pitch in by clicking on donation boxes for a handful of worthy charities. Already we've got match challenges from a couple of readers, totalling $750, which will make those clicks worth double.

So come on back a week from today. It's for good causes, and all you have to do to give is show up.

Comments (3)

I'm hoping to pick up some additional match challenges or seed donations from other early birds who might be willing to help out. Just shoot me an e-mail here if you're interested.

I'm in. But can you tell me what was the "best" comment last year.

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