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Monday, December 6, 2010

At last, my retirement is in sight

It appears I may be living in one of these complexes.

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This gives the "three strikes you are out" a whole new perspective.

I think there's comprehensive health care at Guantanamo if that gives you any good ideas.

"population is aging in Japan faster than anywhere else"

Is Japan engulfed in some sort of time warp where its citizens age faster than the rest of the world?

It's the atomic weapons Truman dropped on them, man. Also have a higher proportion of radioactive monsters on the loose.

I imagine it means they had something like our baby boom, none. Individuals aren't aging faster, but the average age of their citizens may be rising.




Simply put, Japan's population is getting older. Here in the U.S., we have teenage pregancy, widespread acceptance of single parenthood, and Mexico to thank for our younger population.


It's going to hit here soon enough... and it's going to be expensive because prisoners who may have paid into Medicare and Medicaid don't get benefits nor do their keepers....

Careful. Your next door neighbor may be Patrick McGoohan, and he's going to be yelling at all hours about Number Two getting off his lawn.

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