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Thursday, December 9, 2010

And now, a message from God

The latest from Obama: It would be "borderline immoral" not to give in to the Republicans on the Bush tax cuts.

Breaking promises seems to be o.k., however.

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Great: we have a President whose nickname should be "Goatse".

Well, I guess I can give up hoping that you will think about some other points of view concerning this compromise. I appreciate the insight you have on local politics, but your snark, even with the topics I agree with you on, is outdated and cliche. Obama hope poster twist? Calling him "God" or "the One" scornfully? Bleh. At least update your snark if you're not going to promote intelligent discussion on the matter.

George Bush was voted out because he broke his "no new taxes" pledge. I wonder if Obama will be voted out because he broke his "no continued tax cuts" pledge.

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