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Thursday, December 2, 2010

An interview with the Wikileaks guy

You talk about a troublemaker.

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Does someone pay this guy?

If so they need to be hurt.

The trouble he's making is the kind we need lots more of.


But the supposed exposure of Bank of America? Whoa, that's going too far. We Amerkuns won't have our rich folks put in jeopardy like that.

Isn't it a capital crime to hold a public official up to embarrassment?

Hey, wait, this just in--it's a global conspiracy!


I knew it. The real culprit is George Soros. Or perhaps even the rest of the world. That's it! The rest of the world is out to get America. Well, they're either for us or against us.

"We are a source-protection organization..."

I am cynically amused that the only information he feels is worthy of being kept out of the public view are his own secrets.

Best off-limits personal diary EVER.

Clinton wants to know exactly how serious a nut-job IS the president of Argentina (is she on meds, eg?); diplomats are warned not to confuse the wife of the Azerbaijani premier with her daughter, because she has had so much plastic surgery (hint- diplomats are advised how to tell them apart- the premier's wife can't move any muscles in her face); Turkey's foreign minister wants to reconquer Andalusia and avenge the defeat at the gates of Vienna in 1683, Angela Merkel is boring, King Abdullah wants to put chips in the Guantanamo people and monitor them with bluetooth (like they do with horses and falcons back home, he tells us), the premier of Kuwait just wants us to release them back in the middle of the Afghan warzone where they were picked up in the first place. On NO account do ANY European countries want a single Gitmo prisoner. US working hard on Belgium, offering all sorts of bait to just get them to take TEN of them....Yemeni premier, wanted way too much money from the US to build a "terrorism rehab center" in Yemen. Mubarak says the idea of an Iraqi democracy is laughable, the only hope for any peace there is if there is a military coup that accompanies the US withdrawal, Ahmedinajad got slapped in the face by a member of Iran's security council for suggesting more freedom of the press.

A little reality-checking can be a good thing.


Speaking of reality checking...

I do wish the orator didn't remind me of a certain other orator of a bygone era, but then, we can't have everything, when doing reality checking. Reality is, what it is.

Hmmm, making Hillary Clinton look really bad.

Now who does that benefit?

It couldn't possibly be the crooks currently in the White House, could it?

Just like Sam/Rand wanting to nuke Saltzman so there is no competition

"like Sam/Rand wanting to nuke Saltzman so there is no competition"-that seems to be what treasonous Assanges is doing by bringing up all the dirt on world leaders.

In the Sam/Rand/Salzsman squabbles the dirt is deep. Randy and Sam better be worried about the depth.

Assanges reply to the question of whether he's treasonous is interesting. He is ultimately relying on the US Supreme Court and their interpretation of the Constitution. Good luck.

Re: "The trouble he's making is the kind we need lots more of."

The "trouble" is actually what we know nothing about until someone -- the WikiLeaks crew or more traditional investigative journalists (severely diminished occupation), such as Sy Hersch -- reveals what has been hidden from us for reasons that usually do not survive scrutiny.

ecohuman, clearly you know this. (Don't stop with BAC; JPM, in collusion with the FDIC's Sheila Bair, is trying desperately in a DE bankruptcy court today to prevent anything from being revealed.)

Poets, too sometimes pierce a veil;
eg, a piece of "troublemaker" Auden:

"Truth is convertible to kilo-watts,
Our last to do by is an anti-model,
Some untruth anyone can give the lie to,
A nothing no one need believe is there."

However one feels about WikiLeaks or Assange, or what laws they may be breaking, is almost immaterial at this point. They have opened up the next unsettled frontier in the communications revolution and a massive transformation of the landscape is underway.

Hg, quite right. Were Auden writing today, he probably would have suggested that truth is convertible to megabytes.

BTW, to remove an ambiguity over where JPM is trying to prevent revelations about itself, I did not mean the suit brought today by "the court-appointed trustee who is charged with recovering funds on behalf of Madoff's victims":

The "troublemaker" Irving Picard has asserted:

"'JPMC has designated virtually all of their information as confidential,' he said. 'While JPMC may want to hide the full extent of its significant role in the Madoff fraud from the public, we intend to move to have the complaint made public as soon as possible.'"

Now comes Jamie Dimon's favorite playmate, the FDIC's Sheila Bair, to advise anyone still listening to her, regarding a promised WikiLeaks on a bank:
“'It seems to me people are just trying to stir up trouble and create problems and worry, and I’d just ignore it,' she said Thursday in Boston. 'I’m ignoring it and they should, too!'”

It was, btw, a good day in a DE bankruptcy courtroom for those who think Ms Bair colluded with JPM's Dimon in the theft of WaMu.

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