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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Failed sales pitch no more convincing for repetition

Somebody at Tri-Met is convinced that if they keep talking about old people, taxpayers will give them more money for pointless trains.

It didn't happen on November 2, and it probably isn't going to happen next time.

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I'm old. I ride the no-longer-hyphenated TriMet. But I'm not voting to give them any more money, and I'm urging the same position on my friends and relatives, until they stop with the nonsense.

What Allan L. said.

Including nonsense such as the staff time burned in preparing the "feel good" piece on the web site.

Come on McFarlane, you're not that stupid, are you?

Its actual name is "the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon." With a hyphen. What its army of p.r. people shorten it to, doesn't affect our style manual.

"Somebody at Tri-Met is convinced that if they keep talking about old people,"

Maybe someone should point out to TriMet that they are cutting the bus service these two older people rode whilst bumping the trolley and unused WES funding.

I think the hyphen came out in their usage because that makes the website more accessible. Especially for old people.

Going to Beavers games on public transit? How timely.

Kudos to Paul Wood and Frances Sexton. They have set a new level for masochism. I hope Tri Met paid them for being in this ad. I think the worst thing about taking a bus is waiting a the bus stop, most of which aren’t covered, leave one exposed to the elements and put up with the smokers puffing away. It is particularly unpleasant when the bus arrives late and all that is left is standing room only. These folks should be given a gold medal for hanging in there for thirty years. I wonder if they noticed a deterioration of service levels, or was it like a thousand cuts one at a time and you don’t know you are bleeding to death.

At least you don't run into a lot of conservatives.

What about the children?

Maybe they finally realized that the old methods of encouraging transit investment from the public didn't work.

As in...every campaign to attract interest in rail lines. There's a reason TriMet will no longer put a rail measure on the ballot after they were all shot down.

Remember..."WES Works!" If you don't believe me, just read all the signs still posted on the WES trains, many buses and MAX trains, and TriMet's website. If TriMet says it works, it must!

The idiot that wrote that incorporated many people's #1 reason for NOT using transit right in that puff piece - noting that they have to catch a 4:40am bus to make their 6:30am shift! From SE to N Portland, what at that time would likely be a 30 minute drive.

It's hard to tell Larry, but I think that 4:40 AM time was given as their historical time they had had to arrive at when they were taking busses. With the yellow line it was likely sped up.

If I'm writing a puff piece about TriMet (with or without the hyphen), I'm not going to be using phrases such as "4:40 am," "snow and ice," or "nearly two hours each way." That writer should be reassigned to scrubbing graffiti off the bus shelters.

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