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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A lighter shade of blue

Here's a new progressive blog that hopes to replace BlueOregon as the place where the real progressives hang out, as opposed to the corporate tools of the Obama-Wyden Democratic Party.

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It's far from ready for prime-time, though.

What a mess. Seriously, why didn't they just use WordPress or something if that's all they're capable of? This isn't just not ready. Nobody in their right mind commits the sin that is that blue text on that top banner. I think I have vertigo.

It is disappointing in that respect, and frankly, I decided not to allow full scripting on that site.

I did like the comment about HAARP and chemtrails.

You could do better with wordpress and 5 minutes of your time.

Well, at least it's a start. Anything is better than the echo chamber of true-blue, partisan blather amongst the same 10 people that BlueOregon has become, especially since their conversion to a FaceBook app. And I say that as a bleeding-heart liberal.

Agree. Agree. Agree. Agree. Agree, and concerning the last, as a personal matter, one of the lucky things that was done to me was being banned for being too radical at B.Ore. ... saved me years of time/effort going on pedagogical 'over there' in front of strawmen wearing tinfoil masks, behind which light never penetrates.

And 'Agree number 3' -- can you, please, explain what "the comment about HAARP and chemtrails" was about? Was it saying the matter of HAARP, and as a separate matter chemtrails, are things to investigate and understand? Or was it saying HAARP and chemtrails are merely two examples of a slew of things said to be worrisome but which knowing adults ('progressives'?) really should ignore and ignore with a vengence, even malice?

"Top Ten Reasons to Ignore the Loony Right"

"President Obama, F--- You"

Those two headlines, plus the amateur-night layout and typography, leads one to the inescapable conclusion:

There is no need to take this site seriously. It seems to aspire to be home to the crackpot left.

Oh my god just.... awful

I wish them well though & agree w/Aaron on BO.

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