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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A great holiday tradition ends

It seems we'll no longer be getting packages of tax forms in the mail from the IRS right after Christmas. There once was a time (not 20 years ago) when every taxpayer would get a tax form in their mailbox sometime around the holidays -- exactly which day depended on how warped a sense of humor one's mail carrier had. But over the years, folks who used professional preparers and computer programs the previous year stopped getting the form packages. Now the mailings are being phased out entirely. Ya can't stop progress.

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Yet another blow to the USPS. Soon, the majority of home delivery will consist of credit card solicitations from JPMChase.

Speaking of JPM, be sure to peruse the eight-page online puff in praise of Jamie Dimon in today's NYT online under the hyperbolic title, "Jamie Dimon: America's Least-Hated Banker." It appeared this morning in advance of next Sunday's Magazine. This morning also marked the first day of the confirmation hearing for the WaMu Plan of Reorganization (POR) in the DE courtroom of J. Mary Walrath. Coincidence?

Does this mean inmates won't be able to submit fake tax forms from prison?


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