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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A 13-point pickup in Week 13

The Oakland Raiders made five players happy in our charity underdog game today, including our new leader. They whomped the San Diego Chargers for a big 13 points.

UPDATE, 9:35 p.m.: Nick's Steelers scored for 3 tonight, and so here is how our standings shape up after Week 13:

Gary 52.5
Andy 45.5
Biggest Cubs Loser 43.5
genop 41
Broadway Joe 40
AKevin 38.5
Gordon 37
pdxmick 33
Flowers by Dorcas 31
Larry Legend 30.5
Anthony 27.5
john dull 25.5
Flowers by Dorcas Husband 25
Matt 23.5
Michael K. 21.5
Paul 21.5
Ricardo 20
PJB 19.5
Sattelihu 18.5
Jim 17
Drewbob 16.5
Hank 16.5
Nick 16.5
Annie 16
Doug 14.5
genop's gal 13
Mike G. 13
Eric 12.5
Conrad 9.5
Bob 8.5
Umpire 7.5
Bad Brad 6

Comments (2)

Helluva game in Baltimore tonight!

Who knew the Raiders had that in them? I figured the Ravens were just too beat up to deal with the Steelers. But yeah... what a game.....

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