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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"You're at a red light and can pay for it to go green"

I'm glad that I probably won't live to see this. Especially what will happen when the planning drones of Portland get hold of it.

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This'll make tailgating into a blood sport.

If I have to pay to "Go Green", I might as well get some perks for it.

I don't think there's a big future in this (at least I hope not), but the general concept of allowing different levels of payment for different levels of service is a good one in highway pricing -- as it is everywhere else in the economy.

The most likely application in the Portland region during the coming decade will be the removal of all gas tax financing from the regional highway system and the conversion of those highways to electronic tollways with peak-hour pricing designed to ensure free-flow travel conditions. Such pricing would actually increase total vehicle throughput per hour (thus making them more accessible, not less)and give motorists the non-congested trip they desire.

As long as the money is restricted to maintain and improve the tolled facilities, motorists would be pretty happy, and Portland could become the only city in the country with no highway congestion.

I don't see this concept as necessary or desirable for neighborhood streets or arterials, but it is already working on highways such as Toronto's E-407 and SR 91 Express in California.

Oops. I misread it as "pray".

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