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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where is Portland DUI cop's mugshot?

News reports say that Portland police office John Shadron was arrested for drunk driving in Gresham on Sunday evening, following a collision. Why is there no booking photo of Shadron here? There couldn't be some double standard for alleged drunk driving by police officers, could there?

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You must be joking. A double standard in Portland, Oregon's police or city hall???

I mean, REALLY!!!

Many DUI offenders never get taken to jail. Many times it is "cite and release" from a police station, and if that happens no "booking" is done at MCDC.

This city and county is a joke.

They don't let you drive home, do they? They sure threw the big at this guy:


Nope, they still tow your car in most cases. A "responsible" adult (aka: not drunk) is required to pick you up in a cite and release situation. They do this for a variety of reasons including lack of patrol coverage or MCDC is full/busy. One of the only places on the west coast that does it this way anymore...

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