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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What time is it?

Tri-Met doesn't know. (According to readers, it's that way on both buses and streetcars.)

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I noticed that on the 15 going in to town yesterday morning.

We need new buses STAT!

TriMet isn't the only organisation that's gotten off. If Congress wouldn't keep changing it this wouldn't happen.

(I have never understood how making me get up earlier and use more electricity in the morning is supposed to make me use less at the other end of the day.)

Why don't we just make "Daylight Savings Time" the official Standard Time and leave it at that?

Or Standard Time and eliminate DST, I don't care.

Id rather have daylight time permanent. I hate it when it gets dark at 4

I realize this is huge for TV infotainment and other fluffy non-news sources, but why are you reporting it here? Oh wait, you're down on Tri-Met, so anything at all bad gets posted on your blog. *sigh*

Awww. Are we a widdle cwanky this morning because our pwoperty tax ballot measure got its widdle butt kicked? So sorry.

Be careful with that new iPod. Wouldn't want it to behave like the Euro ones did when their time changed.

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