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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Was your vote counted?

One of our favorite readers writes:

If you go to this web site, you can see if your ballot was received and counted.

Make sure you enter your name just exactly like it is on the voter registration. I entered my whole middle name and it showed "No voter record found," but using just my middle initial, it showed that they got my ballot. It was just the opposite for my wife. Her registration includes her entire middle name.

The Mrs. and I check out -- Oregonians, how about you?

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Site tells me my ballot was received 21 October, 2010.

It also says I am eligible and active voter and a ballot will be issued for the next election.

It does not say last vote was counted.


Exactly. It doesn't say the vote was counted or if the signature was accepted. I mention this because it is a hot issue in my county right now -- yesterday hundreds of phone-bank calls were sent out (I got one) advising voters to call the County Clerk to find out if there was a problem with their ballot. A tight election not yet certified as to results in causing a lot of consternation.

Weird. In addition to the points made above, it says it's "mine" — but how does it know it was me asking?

Had to clear my middle name, but indeed it was received. Since it was on the right side of many local elections and measures and such, I presume it was counted more than once. Wish there was an entry for that.

Thanks Jack. I agree with above comments. I'd like to add that it would be nice to know how we voted on each item so I can compare it to the copy I made. Plus, do you know how you can research all your past votes. I've been voting over 45 years, and I think for every election except one when I was in the service. It would be interesting to know if they recorded my votes correctly because I can remember about every important candidate position vote, and many measures.

OK, they got it...but now I want it back!

Really Jerry! Do you even remember pulling that curtain closed while you voted 45 years ago? That was so nobody could influence you, nor could they record your vote! It’s the ONE place you have complete privacy to voice your opinion. Hey, I remember voting for Jesse Jackson, (OK, it was the primary) But to expect Multnomah County to record your votes is like asking Safeway to....... Oh...never mind!

The website shows that my ballot, plus hubby's and daughter's, was received. I doubt they can actually track whether or not it was counted because once it's out of the Secrecy Envelope, there's no way of knowing which one is which. And like Brad said, that's the point.

Although if they're going to count any ballots more than once, I wish they'd choose mine!

Cool! But I'd also like to know who else wrote in Gert Boyle.

At least you have the right to free and fair elections. Be thankful for that.

In contrast the voters of Oregon Electric Co-operatives, state sanctioned monopoly power companies, do not have the right to free and fair elections.

Nobody gets on on their boards unless those in power want them there no matter how many votes they get. And that's legal. On top of that they can use your money to sue you and send out letters defaming and impugning you. And it's all legal

For more information see http://www.reformwascoelectric.com

It is best to fill out only the "required" fields on the form. Leave your middle name, county and suffix out unless you have a very common name. Less is more when dealing with databases.

I was wondering how many write-in votes Jack got. Also I was curious about who got write-in votes on a couple of other races. When I asked Multnomah County for this information I got this response:


Write ins are tallied but names are not determined unless the votes cast for write ins exceeds that for the candidates.

Multnomah County Elections

Yep, "received" here too.

Hey it says they counted mine twice.

My daughter's ballot was NOT counted. When it got here, her mom raced it to the post office and sent it to her at school -- three day delivery always. She filled it out and returned it ASAP, but the county says it is a goner.

I wrote in Jack.

In 2008 My GF's ballot was rejected becasue the sig on file didn't match her sig on the envelope.

Received October 20 and used to cancel out a Kitzhaber vote November 2.

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