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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tough call

Here are a couple of university professors who think that to jump-start the colonization of Mars, we ought to resolve right now that all tickets will be one-way. We totally agree, and a number of nominees immediately spring to mind.

Whom would you send -- say, if you could choose just three people?

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This is one of the easiest tests I've ever taken: Sam Adams, Randy Leonard, Rod Blagojevich. I'd pick Ron Wyden and Sarah Palin as alternates.

Right. We definitely want to hang on, say, to Osama Bin Laden.

1. Sam Adams

2. John "Retread" Kitzhaber

3. Randy Leonard

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.


I would go and I would take Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel with me. Wait a minute...that's four.

Leonardi da Vinci, Einstein, and Werner von Braun. They would find a way back.

While Osama Bin Laden might be the most prepared to live on that desolate planet, and rightly deserving of the opportunity, we still have to find him first!

Billions and billions of dollars and countless lives and limbs later, he’s no where to be found.

George W Bush, mentioned Kanya West as a terrible guy,.....So why not let Kanya pilot the ship, no complaints from me! Now, we’re going to need a woman, for obvious reasons. I think Sarah Plain has proven to be an adventurist sort. So she can “ride the seat,” so to speak. Now, in keeping with Apollo # 13, who’s the sickly one? Let’s go with who we know is sick, Mayor Adams!

“Houston,.... we have a success story!

For interpretation of the cosmic nature of it all, I think I'd include the Reverend Chuck Currie.

Randy Leonard. For all three seats.

Sam, Randy and Sarah!

I'm telling your wife.

Of course this notion is ridiculously premature since we can't even make a Biosphere work here on mother earth.

But something tells me that many fools like those at the PDC and TriMet are pondering how plausible it is. As long as they are, as usual, fully insulated from any consequences themselves.

I can hear the promotion about the great investment (of other people's money) and the high livability volunteers can expect.

Sarah, Bush 43 and Darth Cheney

Heck, Martians have got to be a bigger threat to our safety than Muslims, and I am sure Sarah can see them from her house.

Donald Rumsfeld, Obama, and Ralph Nader.


Ahmedinajad, Imam Rauf, and contents of tomb of Mohammed.

(Bin laden will be roasted in a slow internet spectacle by some shadowy paramilitary Buddhist group, hopefully averting any need to send him to Mars..)

As for Bush, he's looking pretty good compared to Obama. At least comparable. I think they should take a flying leap into a pyre together and get shoved off into a really, really big and holy river, very, very far away. Jupiter?

Me, myself and I.

I vote Sam, Randy and Sarah Palin. The heat from the political arguments ought to qualify as a new energy source!


And I'd just like to say, "one of these days, Alice -- POW! -- right to the Moon."

I think James O'Keefe and Chris Christie are angling for a seat on that shuttle


I'd send Sheila Jackson-Lee and have her look for that US flag she thought the astronauts planted.

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