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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Throw away the key

These punks need to spend the primes of their lives as somebody's prison spouses.

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They will draw Federal time which they say is easy duty. Sheridan ho!

Gives us an idea what will happen when unemployment money runs dry.

Is anyone really surprised by his kind of career change?

There is zero point in keeping idiots like this around. Japan has it right: unexpected execution, and the family is notified a week or so after with their remains.

Have you seen their blog at Urban Survivalists?

Wait a second, surely that has to be a joke!?

My god, this is "so Portland"... or should I say, "so PNW"... these idiots and the barefoot bandit up near Seattle.

That blog is absolutely incredible.

It really is. I wonder if the City of Portland has ever linked to it.

It sounds like the Sulzer Pumps fellow still had a job so he can't blame running out of unemployment checks for his turn to the dark side.

I'm with Jack: use a gun in a robbery and you will stay in prison for 50 years. Word will get out very quickly: don't use a gun in a robbery.

I'll bet $10 worth of Voodoo donuts they voted for Sam.

The Urban Survivalists blog is precious. If they added some homemade biodiesel and a gay best friend it could be called PortlandCliche.com

If we find out the third robber has a trust fund that was no longer providing him with sufficient income, I can die happy.

Jack, is this the "Creative Class" that's coming to liberate Portland?

More about that here.

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