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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The fix was in -- until it wasn't

The City of Portland's usual scam network appears to have broken down a little in this case. Uh oh -- there could be some awkward moments at the Arlington Club this week.

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Good for Mr. Kenton. Good to see the competitive bid process in this state is not dead yet.

Ha-ha Hoffman.

The Oregon Sustainability Center: a $72 mil. eco wankfest for the greenies.

On the one hand, it's unfortunate the profits will go to a foreign company and not a local and home-grown one (Skanska is based in Sweden). On the other hand, it's refreshing to see the Portland patronage machine temporarily derailed.

Calling a 132,000 square-foot high-tech building "sustainable" is the punchline of the joke. Who gets to tell the joke is beside the point.

It's going to be built by Skanks? I'll have to swing by the construction site.

Will there really be enough eco-zionists who can afford the Portland theme park to sustain it?

Large publically funded project for Skanska, a Swedish company.
Large publically funded project for Vestas, a Danish company.

Am I missing something here? Are there federal moneys involved? If so, I don't think Congress would approve.

If Portland can't be a Scandinavian Country, we might as well subsidize a few of them.

$72 million for a sustainability center, paid for by the state university system??? A system which is losing money, so they're having to raise tuition rates significantly each year???

I'm going to go bang my head against a wall now.

Michelle, the $72 Million isn't coming from the university system alone. As WW reported $6.7 Million is coming from TIF taxpayer dollars, $52.5 Million from OUS and City Bonds insured by us taxpayers. $2 Million from Streetcar Fund and etc.

Most of it is coming from taxpayers and not private sources. And it won't be paying any taxes. Sorry

But I still join you in banging my head against any wall now.

Uhm, why not all the local companies that have experience?? Why a MNE? Ahh!

I learned linear algebra with a blackboard and pencil and paper and a book in a non-airconditioned bldg from a russian math prof who barely spoke english. No electronics other than lights were required. I learned how to do regression and calculate anova tables by hand the same way - in 2007. Please stop this insane waste of money and additional suffering the students will have to endure as debt-slaves.

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