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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Don wimps out

The plan to submit an "urban renewal" program to the voters of Beaverton in May appears to be on the rocks. Somebody no doubt took a poll and discovered it would go down in flames. Or maybe they called New York and heard about the ongoing collapse of the municipal bond market. Either way, old Don "The Don" Mazziotti's recycling from Portland to the suburbs is starting out the way his tenure as Merritt Paulson's baseball stadium guru ended: not great.

Remember the "eco-bricks" in the Lents stadium parking lot? Too funny.

Comments (4)

I can think of a few alternate uses for an "eco-brick". None of which involve standing on them.

Will he get his old job back at HARSCH Investment?
Or perhaps he can just slither away in the night to someplace else. Oh please!!!!

Maybe he can lend a hand to Brant Williams in L.O.

With the two petitions in Clackamas Co. and Milwaukie requiring voting on UR, the reversal of urban renewal in Tualatin, the possibility of Portland having a petition requiring voting, and now Beaverton stepping back, maybe this will be the beginning of some common sense fiscal reality.

It sure hasn't come about because of the politicians, governmental staff and the media. Fong at the O just wrote up what she was given by Beaverton's government-"we're just going to do urban renewal right".

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