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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stay tuned for vital updates

The TV weather people say it could snow in Portland on Sunday. Snow! Frozen, slippery, deadly precipitation. And so Oregonians are advised to head out to the grocery store now and stock up on water, batteries, and sardines. If a snowflake should appear, remain indoors -- do not go outside your home for any reason. And of course, come back to this blog again and again for the latest news on the Thanksgiving Week Arctic Blast.

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Can someone tell me if there have been predictions of freezing pipes? Is it supposed to go below freezing? All of the weather reports are different. Down in sunny CA, I am trying to figure out whether I should have someone go and turn off my water.

Ah yes, winter time is officially here.

Nothing says Portland weather like StormCenter 9000.x.

Jack, do you ever cease serving us? Do you ever sleep?

If only our city bigwigs put a tenth of your dedication and genuine concern for our wintertime safety into their day......

predictions of freezing pipes?

One forecast shows a nighttime low as frigid as 33 degrees one night over the next week. If the temperature drops more than 1 degree below that, and if your pipes drop to the same temperature as outside, and if it stays that way for a long time, your pipes could possibly freeze. They could burst and flood your home, causing irreparable harm.

Just to be safe, you should cancel your trip and get back up here to watch over your pipes.


Spam and pop tarts.

Don't forget the beer!

About a zillion winter ales are currently available.

Well,in my opinion, a good IPA goes with just about any natural or man-made disaster. May I recommend Caldera Brewing "Hopportunity Knocks"?

Be safe! Its all a by product of the marketing folks tapping into the Feminine Fear Factor to drive sales of SUVs and home alarms to childrens pajamas.

Don't forget to check on your elderly neighbors! Otherwise they will DIE when the snow falls.

My M.D. is watching my pipes!

NO SnowFlakes here in the the Richmond neighborhood. Plenty of blue flakes, but no H2O kind.

Repeat No SnowFlakes as yet in the Richmond neighborhood. Stay tuned.


I have hired someone from TSA to come over and regularly frisk my pipes for signs of explosives and/or ice.

I just had my pipes examined with a teeny tiny camera: it all looks good, but the Doc suggests I eat more fiber. Why, I asked, if everything looks good? "Because everybody needs more fiber..." $2,700 worth of insurance billings would have bought quite an inventory of Cheerios.

//evacuating to San Diego during the blizzard of ought-ten.

Jack- I've taped off a small area for you on the Sylvan overpass. Already five news trucks parked up there. (Not really).

Jack- I've taped off a small area for you on the Sylvan overpass.

Can I assume that Commissioner Leonard has been apprised of this unlawful taping incident, or do I need to report it?

Funny this should get mentioned. I was getting a haircut this morning; and while talking with my barber, I found out he used to live in the Bethany area of Washington County. We both got a good laugh out of the dummies the TV news people post at the overpass on Highway 26 and out in Troudale; since down here in Reno snow is no big deal and all the major streets get cleared off before the morning (and evening) commute hours start. And the news people don't make any sort of big deal out of it either. Oh well - back to "Storm Watch - Channel 8" - where the buggest flakes are not the ones falling from the sky...

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