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Monday, November 22, 2010

Special Report: It still might snow

Here at bojack.org Storm Center 9000.2, we continue to await the arrival of the deadly snowstorm that is expected to lash Portland any minute now. Right now it's 39.2 degrees and raining -- much too close for comfort. If you go outside, you may never get back. Remain calm and stay tuned to this blog for further updates.

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It is 38.8 over here, we are really going downhill fast.

Just in case, I want to say goodbye to everyone now. Thanks, it's been fun.

Snowpocalypse 2010. Oh the humanity. Portland out....

Fred's Hawthorne was unusually crowded last evening. Perhaps the warnings to stock up were being heeded by a fearful populace?

Between the snow and it being the weekend before Thanksgiving, no surprise there.

I'm in San Diego, Jack. We have been assaulted by 0.2 Gale Force winds and lows in the high 50's, just 26 degrees above freezing.

It takes great courage to report from the danger zone: Thank You on behalf of all Oregonian refugees in California. I hope you don't lose your cerebral proteins to marauding zombies (who frequently feast on the carcasses of natural disaster victims).

Thank God for the 24 hour saturation coverage from Portlands Finest. I am sure standing all day on an overpass staring skyward into the rain looking for snowflakes is what they dreamed of in journalism class.

Thank God we stocked up on ammunition. It's every man for himself! Stay off my property!

Plow the bike lanes first!

Look, clearly a lot of us aren't going to make it through this disaster, so I think we should all go out and dig our own graves now, before the ground freezes too hard to shovel. Just a thought. Be brave and good luck.

Did you see Creepy on TV in his Snow Suit?

And where do I buy one of the survival kits?

I liked Creepy's hat. He looked absolutely ridiculous.

1 Can Cougar Gold Cheese.
4 Bottles assorted Walla Walla wine.
1 large can of biscuits (crackers)

dman: Good to see your survival kit is ready. You stand an even chance of making it through this alive.

I signed both times to recall Mayor Adams, because he is a novice or just plain crazy when it comes to things financial. But I got to say, his finest hour is when we have a weather threat. He dons the elmer fudd like hunter's cap with ear flaps, lightening up the situation while keeping it serious nonetheless.

This is Mayor Adams real nitch, doing public functions (now no dirty thoughts, mind you); and staying far away from any real substantive governance issues.

Bob Clark: . .He dons the elmer fudd like hunter's cap with ear flaps, . . .

Did not see this, but sounds like a great Saturday Night Live episode.

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