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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Silence of the 'dogs

It happens from time to time -- nobody picks a winner in a given week in our charity pro football underdog game. Cleveland defeated New England, but our players laid off that one. No one chose tomorrow night's game, either, and so the week's standings remain the same as they stood at the start of the action today.

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Since society today feels that we should ALL be winners, I think Jack should award EVERYONE a bonus of 10 points just to make us feel better!

BTW Jack, don't forget there's a Thursday Night game this week.

Yesterday was a day of hard losses. Relive a Portland native's disappointment:

On the other hand, Mr Suh did survive Sunday's loss intact. Consider Carolina's carnage: Jonathan Stewart (UO; head) and Matt Moore (OSU; right shoulder).
Both are day-to-day.

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