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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Showdown in Seattle

It appears that if the mayor up there doesn't get his desired increase in taxes on commercial parking operations, he's going to slash budgets for, among other things, pedestrian and bicycle "master plan implementation."

This is what some folks we know refer to as a win-win situation.

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I trust the voters of urban centers in the NW to do the wrong thing. Seattle will snatch a lose-lose from this opportunity. I'm very willing to back my claim with betting money.

Speaking of lose-lose, there's something I want to add to this in case any Seattle types are linking in: The Seahawks suck. We could have been watching the Mighty Eagles take on Peyton Manning, or Brett Favre throwing for his career best yardage, but no!
We have to watch your sucky football team every week.

Having said that, good luck dealing with your fiscal problems.
It's never easy to blackmail the voters into forking over more money for something unnecessary that they don't really want. Believe me, we Portlanders know - so good luck. In closing, the Seahawks blow. Thank you.

Bill, make up your mind. Do they suck, or do they blow?

We should be so lucky here in stump town. I'd love to see steep budget cuts in bicycle projects, mostly designed for folks working for government or going to government owned school downtown. We not only over pay for their employment but we also have to subsidize their transport. Enough with stump town cityhall's high cost glamor projects. The whole state and Portland suburbs are getting soaked all so stump town cityhall can have all kinds of new toys. No wonder most of the rest of the state is coated red while stump town is punch drunk blue. It's take from those hurting economically and give it to the big city government class and its "public private partnerships (wink, wink)."

Jack, I resent that; I don't drive, so I am a pedestrian. I don't particularly care about bikes, but, WE ALL ARE PEDS at one time or another. Safety is very important.

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