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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seattle's Chasse

Wherein killer cops become filthy liars. It's so sad, but the fatter they get, the less we can trust them.

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A woodcarver with a closed knife? Kinda like a plumber with his pants up! Reason enough I guess...

"Williams was struck by four bullets on the right side of his body, indicating he was not facing the officer at the time the shots were fired, according to an attorney for Williams' family."
I understand "officer safety," it's rightly their priority, but as Chris Berman would say; "c'mon man!"

One bad apple can spoil it for the whole bunch...

But I guess I don't feel bad that the whole police force gets smeared, since ALL police EVERYWHERE seem to ALWAYS (ok, a bit over generalized) cover for each other, no matter how rotten the apple.

When police forces start to really weed out the rotten ones in their midst (police themselves), only then will they earn back the public trust they seemed to have lost. I mean, c'mon, did the PPB really need to wear the Tee shirts "We are all Humphreys" (or whoever the goon-of-the-day was)...

Anyone who has contested a traffic ticket has probably seen a cop lie on the stand. SOP

I saw the film Conviction last weekend. It is a true story about what can happen when a power drunk cop and ambitious DA prevail over the short run. Throw in a handful of "player" defense lawyers and you've got the Portland I came to know and fear. Lots of lives are maimed or destroyed. (But of course they are all non-insiders who don't matter).

I grew up learning the American justice system operates on the principle that it is better to let a guilty person go free than to convict the innocent (especiallly without a trial). That early indoctrination is probably why the news media law enforcement bias I have seen over the years is impossible for me to understand. At least now they seem to be digging deeper.

Yeh, that guy looked like a real threat...

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