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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sameness you can believe in

Hmmm, let's see...

Dave Hunt still running the Oregon House Democrats -- check.

Tom Imeson of Goldschmidt Imeson Carter running the governor's transition team -- check.

John Carter of Goldschmidt Imeson Carter leading the governor's manufacturing "jobs creation" team -- check.

Same old Portland West Hills stranglehold on government -- check. Boondoggles galore. Go by streetcar!

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I'll wager 30% real unemployment by the end of 2011.
The plan for hitting the Oregon trail - out of here - is becoming real for many.

Jack, with out even pondering, add Bruce Warner, PDC's Director, the largest, most influential economic engine in Oregon.

How is he connected? I know he was a Metro drone for a while there, then he ran ODOT. Is he a Goldy buddy?

Here's a nice chart of all those people:



JK Thanks for the chart. I knew there was one, just couldn't remember where. Goes on my wall.

Honestly, what do you expect? Kitz hasn't had a new idea in 20+ years.

Everytime the conversation gets difficult, he'll talk about trees.

Neil's boys are just there to fill in the blanks (of which there are many) for him.

Why are Oregonians so afraid of something/someone new? Granted our alternate choice this time wasn't the greatest but seriously how bad so things have to get in order to give the OK for some new blood?

It's a political machine -- like New Jersey or Chicago. Actually, worse in some ways.

Oh, and another parallel -- "Oregon is open for business." The exact same words Neil Goldschmidt spoke to the world when he took over as governor. What it really meant: "If you pay me and my friends off, you can get away with anything up here."

"The exact same words Neil Goldschmidt spoke to the world when he took over as governor."

OK, Kitz hasn't had a new idea in 30+ years.

Hmm, he's going to try to push the CRC forward. Does that mean that he's going to tell Scam Adams to sit down and STFU?

The thing that is so sad about all this is it is the real reason behind the stagnant economy and absolute lack of initiative of small businesses. When Simon Says becomes the predominant mantra, and the West Hills gang has to control and demand their pound of flesh from every new idea or initiative to start a business or an actual cost effective or demand based development, it just wears folks down who like to do this stuff for the satisfaction of creating something. Add to that the folks in charge seem to be sex crazed perverts, calling the shots, it makes doing business in Oregon something most ethical and rational folks don't find worth their effort.

Government does not create jobs because government cannot create wealth. What government can do is collect taxes, issue bonds/print money, and issue mandates. All of the above take capital out of the system and redistribute. The economics of this system put the government as the middleman, thereby in most cases, reducing the actual value or the quantity of the money taken in order to either fund a private enterprise job or create a government job.

In both cases, the money itself was reduced, there is no profit (because government cannot create wealth), and any private sector jobs created were simply issued at a cost of redistribution of wealth. Presumably the capital used to create them existed before the government took it and the fact that the capital wasn't placed into a private sector job int he first place was because there simply was no demand to do it! Surely those jobs may not have existed otherwise, but they came at total a cost to the system.

If we obtain money by serving our fellow man, by taking money from our fellow man and spending it in such a way that it does not serve him, we are telling our fellow man what he should want, creating a glut of supply where there is no demand. Go by street car!

Jeez, it makes Washington state look attractive. I'm glad I don't live there anymore - which is a terrible thing to say because there are many wonderful things in Oregon.

Ahh, the legacy of Democratic control of Oregon.

Bringing good, high quality jobs building light rail to such esteemed companies as Siemens (factory in Sacramento, Calfornia, and the ivory tower somewhere in Germany), Mass Electric Contractors (somewhere over in Boston), Stacy Witbeck (in the Bay Area), and other fine out of state companies, while keeping Oregon mired in gridlock and development that only out-of-staters appreciate (like Rockwood, the Rose Quarter/Convention Center area, the Round at Beaverton Central, and everyone's favorite "transit oriented development", Orenco Station, where the land around the MAX station is vacant but the land around Cornell Road and Cornelius Pass Road is already developed.

Jack, Bruce Warner is in the Goldy sphere. He's had continual 35 years of government employment overlapping Goldy's years in high stakes positions.

In ODOT he served as Director and earlier he served as Regional Manager. He was environmental manager at Metro. He was Director of Land Use and Transportation for Washington Co. He was selected to replace Mazziotti, certainly a Goldy member. That appointment was facilitated by Eric Parsons (another Goldy comrade), a PDC Commissioner who chaired the Search Committee for Mazziotti's replacement.

And I would have to say all of Warners positions as PDC's Director, lobbying on behalf of Goldy in the SoWhat Tram fiasco and the total SoWhat debacle, the Pearl District and Old Town/China Town URA's, and now the proposed Westside Downtown URA which benefits mostly Goldy's downtown cabal, that Warner is Goldy.

I see Debby Kennedy made the list. It was funny (humorous) reading her testimony during Fred Leonard's complaint against Kulo or Bernie.

When asked about the affairs she carried on with Neil while in Salem and with Nike, she answered in the affirmative, and only later asked: "Will this become public info?". After being informed that her interview would most likely become public, her recollection became much more hazy.

Obviously not a lawyer, who would be trained to know the answer before you ask the question.

"I see Debby Kennedy made the list."

I meant to say the Karlock list from wweek.

I did not mean to imply that Gov Kitz was going to use Kennedy's, ummmm, services in his new administration.

Kudos on the headline Jack: I only just got the joke.

I also like: Oregon Democrats: hegemony you can believe in.

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