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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reporting for duty

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Wow just reading about infill in West Linn and clicked back to the main page to notice some Jeremiah Johnson figure. I am still laughing. Our mayor makes me so proud with his stylish makeovers for this ardtic blast. Still prefer the original South Park look over the above Jeb Clampett inspired winter wear.

From the look on his face, I'm guessing he's mentoring an intern in the bottom portion that's been cropped off.

He is wearing a Coyote from Northeast Portland keeping it local.

Sam Adams, he is the fox guarding the hen house.

Jack, love your weather headline scroll.

You might add this recent headline: "89 Ton WES Train Can't Break Rail Ice-Stuck!"

Garage Wine, the divisive and vindictive mayor is not known for ever being on top of anything.

"mayor is not known for ever being on top"

Don't be so sure.

Schumacher Firs is open again?

Personally, I think the Elmer Fudd hat he was wearing in the press conference was more appropriate. He looked like a boob, which is completely accurate.

Coyote, the Trickster: The coyote is equally admired and despised in folklore. He is known as the Trickster or the Old Man. He is seen as either cunning or foolish.

Portland, *U Pick*

I previously predicted that at least one MAX line would be shut down before the freeways became impassable. I hate it when I'm right.

Let's not forget that one of the cost saving measures proposed for Milky Light Rail is the rail/electric anti-freeze system.

Grizzley Adams!

The Elmer Fudd hat he was wearing is popular among young boys 3-25 this winter. Interesting choice for a 47 year old man....

Hey, that's the Rose City Golf Course coyote!

He looked like a boob, which is completely accurate.

Speaking of boobs. I noticed again when watching locals being interviewed on the evening news about the latest winter blast that most of them bob their heads up and down when they talk.

Where did these bobbing heads pick up this weird mannerism or is it a nervous tic, an affliction? But it can’t be that-so many are doing it. Whoops-just answered my own question.

Steve, the spendthrift mayor has himself commented upon his failure to be "on top of" issues. Consider, for example, the matter of leaves in the street, beginning with a James Mayer piece from the daily-of-record, November 20, 2008:

"How's this sound, Portlanders? A leaf tax.

Mayor-elect Sam Adams let the idea drop Wednesday after a resident complained to the City Council that he pays to recycle his leaves, while his neighbors take unfair advantage of the city's leaf removal program.

'We're not on top of this issue,' acknowledged Adams, who oversees the Transportation Office."

After two years of the alleged mayor attempting to get on top of the leaf issue, the O's editorial board concluded:

"So badly botched was the city's imposition of the fee that the mutiny has already -- partially -- succeeded. Mayor Sam Adams recently apologized for the fee. And, as The Oregonian's Brad Schmidt also reported, the mayor also added a wishy-washy opt-out clause to it."

The alternative to being on top is, of course....

Oh, so he's buying his managerial tools from Acme? Suddenly this explains so much.

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