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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pot can make you stupid

But perhaps not as stupid as the current laws regarding pot. Here's just one example of what our current, dysfunctional system produces.

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Also, I've heard that in CA the medical marijuana dispensaries have taken to arranging for customers to leave by the back door in order to avoid the police who cruise the sites. Apparently decades of finding license for all manner of violations simply by putting a hand in somebody's pocket has been habit-forming for the police. The war on drugs is a farce, but how it ends is anybody's guess.

Not completely stupid, just off the mark about 20%, on average.

I smoked rope from 1970-1986. That proves I probably wont have a point here. It is a dull subject for dulling minds.

It is also a subject largely left alone by activists, except those keen to legalize. This is odd as Americans, deprived by the times of moral rightousness, have found health concerns to be their outlet for piety.

Pot is really pretty bad for the respitory system, almost certainly injuring from more users than the number it benefits. We need a hypocritcal federally subsidized PR health campaign, not a war on drugs. Could pay for it out weed taxes, like gambling.

Finally, the war on drugs is a rotten business. The writer Don Winslow has written (Power of the Dog) an excellent thriller that gets much right on the evil of that conflict from '75 to the early 90s.

What is the alternative?

"Pot Can Make You Stupid" Fortunately though it wears off, unlike elections which result in long term stupidity.

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