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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Portland, Oregon: The City That Sloganeers

It's a shame that the City of Portland blows so many tax dollars on dopey public relations efforts. Every city bureau has a slogan, a logo, a media relations person, a Twitterer. The latest comes from the city's "human rights commission" -- most recently hailed as a great place for city insiders to score free food. An e-mail message we got last week from that austere group included a header that we hadn't seen before:

Egads, what's that thing on the top supposed to be -- radioactive confetti? One can only wonder how much the city paid some marketing type for that and the catchy slogan. And no spaces between the words! Capital letters in the middle! CreativeClass all the way.

Comments (21)

Do human right extend to unjust taxation and waste of taxpayer funds? Or are they addressing the rights of minorities like the Gerding-Edlen/PDC sect?

Well, some otherwise unemployable Fine Arts major got government work. Seriously, folks: Portland should follow the example of my own home town. We have only one slogan, motto, or catchphrase: "Aside from that, Mrs. Kennedy, what do you think of Dallas?"

The logo is a closeup of an overweight man with a skin condition wearing a string bikini / banana hammock.

[Also, love how the special characters show up as gibberish.]

That bureau and the Office of Sustainability should be the first two cut by the next mayor. I wonder how much sewer rates would go down it the money saved by eliminating them was transferred over.

Well, some otherwise unemployable Fine Arts major got government work

Fine arts is very different from graphic design, but in any event Maria Lisa Johnson would be the final approval for this poorly executed design and thus she alone is responsible.

The incorporators of the overtly and proudly discriminating Latino Network, Amalia Alarcon de Morris and Maria Lisa Johnson, have given up their positions as President and Secretary. The new President is Martin Gonzalez, and the new Secretary is Veronica Valenzuela. I think that it would be safe to assume that the Latino Network would discriminate today just as much as it has in the past, in violation of the Portland City Code barring discrimination, for any projects that the Latino Network does with Portland taxpayer's dollars. (Not to mention the prohibition on awarding a RFP to one's own organization, as Amalia Alarcon de Morris did from her public position "of trust.")

This is funny. The Latino Network was temporarily administratively dissolved May 7, 2010, for failure to pay annual dues/fees, due sometime before a March 12, 2010, late notice. I wonder if they were still spending Portland tax dollars for some anti-white-devil leadership training thing?

My goodness, what the f**k happened to Portland, Oregon in the past 25 years? The whole place has gone mad!

Vera Katz.

The "logo" looks like bad pizza on the spouse's iPhone.
And all of the above comments.
This is all so depressing.

I can't decide what's worse: 1) The fact that public dollars were used to create this meaningless garbage, or 2) The logo reminds me of the aftermath of a night of drinking and a large pepperoni pizza.

I believe it was Marge Simpson who found a pop-up stand for "sciencewater" and she was amazed that the company name and logo was all in lower case letters and as one word.

After she drank the water, the company representative announced they just went out of business, packed up the tent and drove off.

Just like "Marge versus the Streetcar", The Simpsons is extremely relevant to Portland's culture -- just replace C. Montgomery Burns with Mayor Sam Adams, and replace the nuclear power plant with Vestas (since our power supply is convenient out of the reach of the local NIMBY association.)

I can't wait for this roomful of bureaucrats to "build peace" and "end discrimination" by meeting once a month.

It is as sure to be successful as Leonard's one-man mission to free Tibet.

I'm shocked--shocked!--that Amanda Fritz, she as the putative watchdog against budget boondoggles, has signed off on this one.

Six pages of questionable credit card transactions, but they're probably too small to call for the city auditor to become involved. Shame.

If the City of Portland Office of Human Relations has achieved peace and ended discrimination, can we declare victory and send them home?

Alternately, if their work will never be completed, how should we measure their progress? Besides the catering receipts.

pchuck is right. Not much left to recommend Pdx as a great place to live if one has to put up with the nonsense that passes for progress. The starstruck youth who come to Pdx for their slice of Utopia have changed it from the live-and-let live place I grew up in where budgets mattered and core services were taken care of and where the Mad Men of old would have thrown these bums out on their ears. We need those old guys back - unfortunately they are almost all dead - no wisdom to guide the younger bunch. Sigh.

They got the slogan backwards.

It should read: Ending Peace - Building Discrimination

After all, isn't that what "celebrating diversity" is all about - making a big deal out of differences, rather than recognizing commonalities?

That whole Dream of the day ...when my children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character... was so quaint, back then.

Tipping point and jumping the shark come to mind.

Whatever happened to focusing on the essential services first?

The symbol is one half of the nuclear symbol. That's peace. And we paid money for this?

I always get a kick out of government types who promote peace. Last time I looked the government operated by force. Unless I am mistaken there is nothing peaceful about using force to get your way.

People negotiate. The government expropriates.

What's with the accented u? Did my education in a diverse high school where many of the teachers first language was not English, fail somehow, in the department of accented u's??

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