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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Portland homeless lockers part of national trend

Nick Fish is quoted in a USA Today feature on the emerging practice.

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I love it. New slogan -

Portland - We put the "home" in homeless.

The city needs to charge a permit fee for shopping carts that are rolled around on the sidewalks and streets. They charge a fee to merchants that put A-Board signs out so this would only be fair. The non-profits could also do a shopping cart exchange right along with their needle exchange program. Give the homeless new legal shopping cart purchased with Portland sewer money.

I propose an income tax on Panhandling income. Don't pay. Get forced to do community service. Maybe if everybody paid taxes, they might look at government much differently and would vote more responsibly than presently. (We already pay for enough junk on our water and sewer bills.)

Bob, my comments made were meant to be totally sarcastic.

About 2 weeks ago we saw a caravan of shopping cart people heading south on 30th near Alameda.Presumably the annual migration from Dignity Village to the shelters downtown. The lockers will make a nice holding area for their goods. Good to know our water bills help out and also pay for "loo" showers.

Oden has earned just over 19-million in his four years in Portland and played just 82 games. That's $235,365 per game. Good gig!

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