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Monday, November 22, 2010

Portland buckling under light dusting of snow

OMG, it has actually snowed. Here at Storm Center 9000.2, we have 0.01 inch of snow on the ground, paralyzing our every move. What is worse is the temperature, below freezing for the past hour and a half and likely to stay that way for another 36 hours at least. What were very wet surfaces two hours ago are now covered with ice. You can't shovel it. It's politically incorrect to throw salt on it. You can throw sand on it, but how come you have sand lying around?

Step outside that front door and die! Instead, stay tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000.2, where smart people go when there's nowhere else.

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How can you even type? Here in lower Irvington our keyboards are frozen to our fingers.

Thank you for this service you provide. Truly heroic.

We look out the window -- so that you don't have to.

Thank you Jack. I never look out the window anymore, I'm always afraid I will see Mayor Mccreepy looking in at me....

My neighbor recently moved. He probably does not have the heat turned on in the old house.

I awoke from a nice nap at 1AM, ready to begin my day, and saw the dusting of snow and looked at the temperature forecast.

Would you call that neighbor at 1AM, and suggest that he stop by the old house and turn on the heat on his way to work in a few hours?

If not, his pipes are history.

And probably a good portion of the interior decoration.

Just think of all the leaves that could been picked up with the money used by the Mayor to keep maintenance crews around (since Sunday)on overtime for WHEN it snows. The Maintenance Bureau never used to operate that way. They RESPOND to snow- at least a half an inch to sand and an inch to plow. Instead, the mayor had to keep them around, just in case, because he lied to them about the firing of their "loved" director, and also his raiding of scarce maintenance $ for his pet projects. Sam, who treats city workers like they are his possession, can't seem to motivate them to pick up the phone for a call out. Prior to this Transportation Commissioner, the bureau had a 100% show up rate during a weather crisis.
Now, it's the composted and big piles of leaves, slicker than snot and blocking storm drains that pose an everyday dangerous hazard - much more than real snow storms that pass quickly.
Sorry to be negative, but the mayor seems hellbent on changing things without any basis of understanding of why it was working before his need to put his fingerprints all over it pretending to be a leader.

It is about 5:25 am, and I can't get back to sleep due to laughing so hard after reading all your weather headlines and warnings. I now believe that the TV stations' over-the-top coverage of these snow events is primarily motivated by their desire to help boost sales at Fred Meyer and Les Schwab Tires. Indeed, both of these businesses were swamped by panicked customers all day yesterday.

I have sand lying around because it is my civic duty: I don't fully understand but some of our officials and leaders have indicated that I'm supposed to go pound it from time to time.

Yeah, KXL 750 got silly again last night with four or more hours of live coverage, with a newsroom host taking calls from people all over the metro area for one the scene updates ("Hey man, like, I see some flakes comin' down here in Aloha, but it's slowed down a bit, uhhh, the past few minutes"), and stuff like that. Big deal.

Bob Tiernan
NE Portland

Look at this as an opportunity. Sure, stepping off your front yard can mean immediate death, so stay on the front yard and improve your sculpting skills. Those blocks of frozen oxygen and hydrogen would make great lawn furniture, wouldn't they?

We've been spending the morning thawing out the local birds and squirrels. Fortunately the Arctic Blast hit so hard and so suddenly that the critters were cyrogenically frozen. We think most of them will be okay. But we're also considering an alternative to turkey this Thanksgiving:


In a document prepared Sunday FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and finally sent out early this morning, the City relays this admonishment:

"Adams encourages Portlanders not to venture out Monday if you don't have to. 'If you must venture out, plan to commute by transit. If you must drive, put together an emergency kit for your vehicle that will keep you warm and safe if you get stranded. Be sure you have an alternate way home.'"

Now the question arises whether the City's budgeted snowstorm monies have been entirely exhausted by this event.

I just ate an entire Uraguayan rugby team. It's cold in Sullivan's Gulch.

Gave TriMet a great reason to all but shut down its system this morning...running eight buses as a convoy up Barbur Boulevard (after waiting 40 minutes for just one bus to even show up) does not constitute "Frequent Service".

The City of Portland's official answer is "use transit" but TriMet's official response is "we can't provide it"...too bad the Streetcar and WES are utterly useless to 99.9999% of the Metro area's population.

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