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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pass the 'dogs

After all the intense gridiron action of the last few days, it's hard to fathom that there's more to come on this late autumn Sunday. But shoulder on we must with the Big Daddies of the NFL, and the players in our charity contest have got these underdogs going for them:

10 CAROLINA at Cleveland - Eric
7.5 TAMPA BAY at Baltimore - Umpire, AKevin, pdxmick, Michael K., Bad Brad, genop's gal. Drewbob
7 JACKSONVILLE at New York Giants - john dull, Ricardo, Paul
6.5 TENNESSEE at Houston - Sattelihu, PJB, Annie, Andy
6.5 BUFFALO vs. Pittsburgh - Gordon, Conrad, Mike G.
4 ST. LOUIS at Denver - Flowers by Dorcas, Jim, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Nick, Biggest Cubs Loser
3 SAN DIEGO at Indianapolis - Broadway Joe
3 CHICAGO vs. Philadelphia - Anthony, genop

No fair using the point spreads -- gotta win outright to move up in the standings. Good luck, everybody, and enjoy yet some more football.

(Earlier this weekend, a couple of 'dogs did not come through:

8.5 CINCINNATI at New York Jets (Thursday 5:20 PM PST) - Doug, Larry Legend, Bob, Gary
6.5 DETROIT vs. New England (Thursday 9:30 AM PST) - Hank)

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