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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the road again

You never know -- that tractor-trailer rig in front of you may have some interesting cargo.

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Didn't Portland City Council declare the city a nuclear free zone several years ago?

Terrorist Free, too. The City's declarations carry a lot of weight.

By the way, there's a freakin' nuclear reactor at Reed College so the idea of a "Nuclear Free Zone" in Portland was a lie from the get-go.


Kind of puts a new slant on road rage.

Anyone remember the time the city tried to ban the federal government from shipping a used nuclear reactor vessel -- PGE Trojan, the one that provided quite a bit of Portland's electrical supply -- from being shipped up the Columbia River?

Never mind...the city doesn't have jurisdiction over the river...or the federal government...

Is nothing a secret anymore

Is nothing a secret anymore

How Adams remains in office.

Hey Erick , little known fact the Feds/Coast Guard control the Willy River right through Downtown PDX , so if they didn't want a federal ship , say the rose fleet destroyers
carrying nukes , sailin in ,

they could not stop it ...

There was an article I came across last week, as I recall, having to do with drinking problems of some of these drivers. Might be interesting to see if I can dig it up.

“Report: Nuclear weapon drivers drank on the job
By Ed O'Keefe
Federal agents responsible for driving nuclear weapons and other sensitive materials sometimes got drunk and were detained by police while on the job, according to a new watchdog report.”


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