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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New phase for 'dog pool

Players in our charity pro football underdog game, take note: There are games on Thursdays from here on out. If you're picking the Thursday 'dog (this week, Baltimore), we need your pick by game time on Thursday, and it will be announced to the world shortly after kickoff. All other picks are due, as usual, at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, and will be announced on Sunday morning -- likely in the wee small hours.

Here are this week's choices. Please note that while there are no lines yet for Carolina/Tampa Bay, New England/Pittsburgh, or Cincinnati/Indianapolis, there may lines published for any or all of these games over the next day or two. Kansas City at Denver is a pick 'em, however, and therefore off the board for the week.

All that said, here go the 'dogs so far:

14 DALLAS at New York Giants
6.5 ST. LOUIS at San Francisco
3 SEATTLE at Arizona
3 WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia
3 CLEVELAND vs. New York Jets
3 DETROIT at Buffalo
1 BALTIMORE at Atlanta (Thursday 5:20 PM Pacific)
1 MIAMI vs. Tennessee
1 CHICAGO vs. Minnesota
1 HOUSTON at Jacksonville

Good luck with that intriguing lineup.

UPDATE, 9:39 p.m.: Here are the other three games:

7 CINCINNATI at Indianapolis
6 CAROLINA at Tampa Bay
4.5 NEW ENGLAND at Pittsburgh

Comments (2)

According to this site...


Carolina is an 8 1/2 dog at Tampa Bay, New England is a 4 1/2 dog at Pittsburgh, and Cincy is a 9 1/2 dog at Indy. But I think we need to wait for Jack to post the official line.

We'll wait until our official oddsmaker weighs in, pursuant to our official rules.

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