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Monday, November 22, 2010

Multi-modal meltdown

Drivers in New York are just saying no to more bike lanes. Just in time for David Bragdon's arrival -- too funny.

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Barbarians! Those protesting New Yorkers don't know what's good for them.

I'd like to contribute to the conversation, but what has already been said...well, just that we've tossed the keys to this town to children who know what's best for us.

It should be noted that recently the world's first porn store, located in Copenhagen, was forced to go out of business after more than 45 years. The internet had already done a lot to hurt business, but the final straw came when the city installed bike lanes on the street in front of the shop, eliminating all of its on-street parking spaces.

I'm trying to think up a good moral to that story.

Will David be driving a cab in NY?

There will probably always be a tension between user modes. I hear it car v bike, bike v ped, freight v car, etc.

And when you want to lend validity to your position, get it printed in the paper.

Those folks in NYC are no different than the folks in PDX. Everyone wants things to work the best for them. Unfortunatly, everybody wants something different.

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