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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Portland cop hijinx

Officer Hitler takes a hit, and a couple of other members of the force run into trouble with their self-medication programs.

The scary part for the Nazi guy? He's required to undergo a "mentorship" supervised by Mayor Creepy.

Anyway, a three-bagger day for the PPB. The collective nervous breakdown of the city rolls on. Only two years and one and a half months to go!

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"Tools for Tolerance"? Really?

I hope Officer Waffen isn't given the Breedlove Mentorship. I've heard it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

You're right Mr. Tee. But if he's like Ernst Roehm he won't mind a bit.

Kruger was a supposed student of military history but didn't know that an SS officer might have been involved in war crimes? You didn't need the internet to figure that one out. D- on the history buff spin.

The statement made by the ministry is odd - that someone could be hired or not hired in a *government* institution based on their personal beliefs would appear to me to be an abridgment of first amendment rights.

Similar actions have been defended by the ACLU as it's not only the beliefs that we like that we must tolerate but also ones we don't lest we abridge everyone's rights in the process.

The constitution called, it wanted to remind the City of Portland that it falls underneath it due to the Due Process clause in the 14th amendment. It couldn't ride the streetcar to tell the mayor, however since it doesn't stop in Washington DC.

I am a student of history. I am well read in that regard.

Uh, excuse me, but what well adjusted person goes into a public park and creates a 'shrine' to, (in this case) Nazi officers.

Anyway you cut it, there is some dysfunction here.

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