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Thursday, November 25, 2010

More DIY disasters

After the "Urban Survivalists" took to robbing banks, the deniers of modern society are now immolating themselves rather than buy eggs at Fred Meyer. It's sort of like riding a bike -- OK if you know what you're doing, and deadly if you don't.

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For safety's sake they say to just use a 100-watt light bulb. But these incandescent light bulbs are being outlawed in the name of green as well. Better stock up.

In this area, heating the coop is unnecessary. The birds have natural down suits.


Mmmmmmmm. Roast chicken.

“In this area, heating the coop is unnecessary. The birds have natural down suits.” Well if the temperature stays way below freezing for a couple of days one needs something to keep their water from freezing.

Were those lights plugged into the public electrical grid? These survivalists were burning Federal Government generated Bonneville power, and (even better) dirty-dirty Boardman coal power?

If so, then what exactly were these survivalists surviving against? Maybe they learned to tap into the power lines, and keep the juice on without paying the bill. What would they do outside of the cozy urban core...

I can't wait for the outcry after insurance companies begin asking whether prospective insureds have, or intend to have, an urban chicken coop...and then increasing their homeowners insurance rates if they say "yes."

I use a 100 watt bulb to keep the water from freezing.
Un facepalm.

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