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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mark it down

Here is the stupidest thing that Sam Adams has done as mayor of Portland, and that says a lot. Sending people a bill that they don't have to pay, but requiring them to mail in a farookin' "affidavit" instead of a check.

That guy's medication is way off.

Part of me hopes that a bunch of people say "I ain't wasting a stamp on this -- come and get me," and we find out how much money the comics on the City Council are willing to waste on this. It might also be fun to refuse to pay on the ground that the charge is illegal under the city charter and the state constitution. Good times.

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I will send the form back to the City but only for the opportunity to advise them to GFT.

These fees give me the willys. The city has the power to lien your property for an unpaid bill. It's only $30 bucks but gov't liens supersede all others. It's pretty mean to charge you to sweep the street then hold your house for ransom.

Forget the shakedown costs. I want to see how much processing those affidavits cost. It's a perfect "go by streetcar" moment: responsible residents who compost their own leaves who follow the rules and send in their own affidavits will then be charged more in city taxes to cover the costs of making sure that they followed the rules in the first place.

What a waste of time and money!

Hey! If they run short because it costs more to do the mailings and collections, they can just borrow from the Sewer Bond revenues...just like for bike paths.

"The city has the power to lien your property"

How do you think is gonna enforce this? All those people that don't opt-out are on the auto-pay plan.

BTW - If you want to save postage, don't put a stamp on the letter and put City Hall as the return address. Half the time USPS will deliver it there I bet.

The day they swept my street, there were two cares parked in front of my house, meaning the sweeper bypassed me and left a big pile of leaves still sitting in front of my house. Is "lack of service" (or something to that effect) one of the reasons for not paying? Regardless, I ain't paying for a service I didn't receive.

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